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This form is for the sports of Short Track Speed Skating, Skeleton, Sprint Track Cycling, Rowing and Women's Rugby Sevens. For Paralympic sports please return to www.uksport.gov.uk/talent where you can find the Paralympic sign-up form.

It is really important that you complete the entire form as fully and accurately as you can so that our team of coaches and sport scientists can properly consider your application. Therefore please allow yourself enough time to complete the form, it should take no more than 20 minutes.

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Firstly please confirm that you understand how your data might be used by reading the two statements below and clicking "I accept" if you agree.

I understand and agree that the information collected may be made available as considered necessary to National Governing Bodies, the English Institute of Sport and UK Sport *

I understand and agree that the information will be stored for a period of 8 years and that my anonymised data may be used for research and publication purposes *

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Please ensure these details are correct as we will need to contact you about your application.

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What is the best phone number to contact you on? Where possible please provide a mobile phone number.

If you have more than one address i.e. you live away for school or university, then please submit an address you will have the most access to so that you will receive important information about your application.
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Are you a British citizen? *

Discover Your Gold is for athletes who are eligible to compete for Great Britain only
Residence in the UK

Okay {{answer_ViFhN8KM2LE7}}, you have indicated that you are not a British citizen, please can you tell us how many years you have lived in the UK for?

Please state your nationality as it appears on your passport.
Height *

Please provide your height to the nearest centimetre (cm)
Height converter - www.height-converter.com/
Weight *

How much do you weigh to the nearest kilogram (kg)?
Weight converter - https://www.convertunits.com/from/stone/to/kg
Thanks {{answer_ViFhN8KM2LE7}} - next we would like to hear more about your sporting history ...

Let's start with your main sport ...

Your main sport is the sport your family and friends would most associate you with. If we were to ask Jessica Ennis-Hill she would say ‘athletics’ and her main event would be 'heptathlon'.
{{answer_ViFhN8KM2LE7}} what is your main sport?

When participating in {{answer_Ed5SLpBf2kWM}} what is the main event, position or weight category that you compete in? *

For how many years have you been training and/ or competing in {{answer_Ed5SLpBf2kWM}}? *

On average, how many hours per week in total are you currently training/ competing in {{answer_Ed5SLpBf2kWM}}? *

What is your highest competitive achievement over the past two years in {{answer_Ed5SLpBf2kWM}}? (competition name and result achieved) *

Now tell us about the other sports you have trained and/ or competed in for a year/ season or more (please exclude activities in PE lessons unless you regularly compete/d for your school).

You have the opportunity to tell us about four other sport.
Other sport 1

Other sport 2

Other sport 3

Other sport 4

In this section we would like to learn more about your medical history. This is in the interests of your health and safety at trials and to better inform our medical team.

Please indicate if you suffer/ have suffered from any of the following medical conditions *

Please use the 'other' box to make us aware of any other medical conditions not listed here.

Family History *

Has anyone in your immediate family died under the age of 55 from a heart or circulation disorder?
Do you consider yourself to have a disability? *

Please provide a brief description of your disability i.e. physical, learning, visual

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? *

Can you read the top line of a sight chart whilst wearing your glasses/contact lenses?

You are nearly there {{answer_ViFhN8KM2LE7}}, all we need to know now is your preferred trial location and how you heard about us ...

Which trial venue would suit you best?

We will endeavor to invite you to your preferred location but due to the number of applications your first choice may not always be possible.
First preference ... *

Second preference ...

Are you signing up with anybody else?

If so type their full name in the box below. We will do our best to invite you and your friends to the same trial but this may not always be possible. Your friend/s will also need to fully complete an application form.
How did you hear about Discover Your Gold? *

Which of the following reasons would you describe as your biggest motivation for signing up to Discover Your Gold? *

Which of the Discover Your Gold sports are you are most interested in? *

Please note that we will assess your suitability for all sports based on your application and selecting your preferred sport/s doesn't guarantee your selection for their programmes.

Additional Information

This is the last question {{answer_ViFhN8KM2LE7}} and your opportunity to share any additional information about yourself that you think may be valuable to your application.
Thank you {{answer_ViFhN8KM2LE7}} for completing your application for Discover Your Gold. We will contact you via email to inform you about your application. Please check the junk folder! If you don't hear from us by 31 May 2018 then please contact us on discoveryourgold@eis2win.co.uk

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